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Nov 9, 2019
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I’m Shane Melaugh,
the CEO of Thrive Themes

I’ve created and launched several 6- and 7-figure businesses over the last 10 years, from scratch, on a shoestring budget.
I’m going to reveal to you what is hands down the best online business model for creating income and personal freedom, in 2019 and beyond:
Creating and selling online courses.
If you want a real, value-based, sustainable business - if you want to escape the frustrations of chasing from one online marketing fad to the next - then creating online courses is the way to go.
That's why I've created the Course Craft System.
What is Course Craft?
Course Craft is an online course consisting of video lessons, worksheets and exercises. The course contains step-by-step, proven, no-nonsense advice to walk you through my entire process for going from zero to creating a $200 online course that sells an average of once per day.

The course modules include everything you need to know in the 3 key areas of online course success:
  • 1
    The Tech Stuff
  • 2
    Building a High Quality, High Value Course
  • 3
    Launching and Marketing the Course Long Term

If this Author or Course helped you make money or more money. It is really worth it if you go and buy his/her course. Get feedback and help by his/her community. The Author support is much more valuable than the course itself.
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